Chicago Chinese Media – Services

I. Chicago Chinese market research and auditing

  • Will your product sell well with Chinese speaking population in Chicago?Are your products or services already attracting Chinese visitors or residents? How can you make your offering more Chinese-friendly?

Through focus groups, research and competitive analysis, we provide you with an in-depth and custom report.

II. Advertising Transformation

  • Is your advertising designed to capture the minds of a Chinese speaking consumer in Chicago?

If not, we are here to help you craft your message.

  • Do you already have your marketing materials designed in English, but not sure how to use them for the Chinese speaking consumers in Chicago?

It might not be as simple as translating the text. We transform your ad copy from a western perspective to a Chinese-friendly design, while keeping your brand’s persona and advertised message.

III. Media Distribution Channels

  • Did you know there are more than 10 Chinese language media platforms in Chicago?

Yes, and they each have a different segmentation within Chinese speaking consumers, from visitors, immigrants, international students, young professionals, non-profits, retirees, and many more. Chicago Chinese Media can help you navigate through all of these media platforms and select the ones that will be most beneficial to your brands.

  • There are more than 20 non-profit interest groups in Chicago for Chinese residents, what if they are your brand ambassadors?

Chicago Chinese Media aims to help your brand to positively position in the Chinese speaking community in Chicago.

  • Weibo, Renren, and baidu, do you know what they mean?

There are a whole new set of social media platforms when it comes to Chinese speaking population in Chicago. They play by a different set of rule than Facebook, twitter, and Google. Chicago Chinese Media is here to create the marketing buzz both online and offline.

  • Can you guess which minority group has the most purchasing power per person in Chicago?

That’s right, it’s Chinese immigrants. However, can you guess which group within the Chinese immigrant has the most purchasing power per person? Chinese international students! Surprised? You should be. This latest trend is only going to double itself in the next 5 years. Chicago Chinese Media is here to ensure your business is growing with rising tide.

IV. Public Relation to Chinese speaking consumer in Chicago

  • The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, is aiming to make the Chicago one of the most immigrant friendly cities in the country. How can your brand leverage this initiative over your competitors?

Chicago Chinese Media is here to offer you not only advice, but also executable action items.